Introducing Metaform™

Prevade's patented cyber wargaming platform. Ideal for training, competition, proof-of-value, and talent screening use cases.
On-demand cloud provisioning ensures your dedicated environment is accessible in minutes.

Security Assessment

Are you struggling to justify your cybersecurity budget proposals? Our security assessment experts can help you with your pitch to senior leadership. We'll materialize your hypothetical risks into reality and leave no stone unturned.

Security Architecture

Is your security architecture struggling to align with your business objectives and risk appetite? Our security architecture experts will set things straight. We'll turn a complex and fragmented environment into a simplified and standardized blueprint.

Security Management

Do malicious threat actors and zero day vulnerabilities keep you awake at night? Our security management experts will help you get the rest you deserve. We'll monitor for attacks, alert you on detection, and respond accordingly on your behalf.

Security Governance

Do your security policies, standards, and procedures support your business objectives? Our security governance experts will take hold of the reins. We'll ensure your risk tolerance is reflected in your security controls framework.

Security Compliance

Are you complying with the myriad of cyber laws and regulations to which your business is subject? Our security compliance experts will help you declutter. We'll ensure you avoid scope creep and operate within the bounds of the law.

Security Training

Are your employees aware of emerging threats and vulnerabilities? Our security training experts will bring them up to speed. We'll teach them design, implementation, and operational best practices to help them, help you, reduce your business risk.


We've got you covered with end-to-end security offerings.


Next-generation security products for your business.


Our patented cyber wargaming platform consists of ten subject domains, ten levels of difficulty, and more than fifty real-world modules hosted in an on-demand, web-accessible, and dedicated tenancy cloud environment.

Metaform uses gamification to enhance kinesthetic learning and knowledge retention. It requires no software installation or security policy exceptions to access its immersive and hands-on experience.

Train individually or with a team.

Compete individually or with a team.

Assess a candidate's pre-hire technical acumen.

Evaluate a solution's value before purchasing.



Full stack security services for your business.

Security Assessment

Application, cloud, endpoint, IoT, mobile, network, and physical pentesting.


Security Architecture

Design, review, and validation of security architectures.


Security Management

Security monitoring, alerting, reporting and response.


Security Governance

Security policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines.


Security Compliance

Compliance with domestic and international cyber laws and regulations.


Security Training

Secure design, implementation, and operation practices.


We've got you covered with concept-to-creation security services.


Who we are and what we do.
Prevade Cybersecurity was founded in 2016 and seeks to provide full stack cybersecurity services and innovative solutions. Our business-centric philosophy and cross-disciplinary skillset differentiates us from other cybersecurity companies.

​We align your business and security risk appetites through pragmatic and cost effective cybersecurity risk management, maximizing your security ROI and strengthening your competitive advantage. Our clients include a variety of public and private sector industries in academia, food and beverage, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, retail, and technology.

Our team of experts have 100+ years of combined experience including OSCP/OSCE penetration testers, SABSA security architects, CISSP security engineers, and CISM security managers. We possess a wealth of knowledge and insight to help you proactively manage your cybersecurity risks.

We are always in search of passionate and talented individuals to join our growing team of professionals. We foster an innovative, rewarding, and collaborative work environment. The breadth and depth of our service portfolio demands a diverse and extensive skill set. If you're seeking opportunities, contact us and let us know.



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